World's First Shaker® Moo- Beef Jerky Singapore

Beef jerky so good you'd think it's sinful...but it's not.

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Beef Jerky done in small batches with so much love, and only with the best ingredients, all made in Singapore.

World's First Shaker Jerky- Beef Jerky Singapore

Every piece is individually handcrafted.

We don't want fat in jerky. Every piece in each bag has been meticulously trimmed to a perfect lean slice. Also, we trim off all the gristle in between the meat to ensure every bite is a tender bite.

World's First Shaker Jerky- Beef Jerky Singapore

Our glorious marinades fit for kings.

Made only with premium all-natural seasoning flown in from Europe and Japan. So nope, no MSG. Just good stuff only. This is why our beef jerky has such a strong, aromatic fragrance.

World's First Shaker Jerky- Beef Jerky Singapore

So much time and love goes into each bag of beef jerky.

Marinated in a heavenly concoction of all-natural herbs and spices for over 12hrs, then slow cooked to tender perfection. We've mastered the art of beef jerky making and only do it in small batches to ensure our customers get the best quality jerky.

World's First Shaker Jerky- Beef Jerky Singapore

It takes 230g of beef to make a 100g bag of beef jerky.

Imagine all the goodness of a piece of steak that takes over 17 hours to prepare, concentrated into one little 100g bag of The Happy Moo's Beef Jerky.

While beef jerky doesn’t ring a bell as an everyday snack, you’d never know how much you want The Happy Moo till you try it. And with these 3 bags of appetising flavours, I’m on a rotational basis and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon."

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Seth Lui, Food blogger

I LOVE JERKY, and it's about dang time there was some homemade quality available here in Singapore. I was excited to have non mass produced Jerky that has no artificial preservatives, but the shaker concept just blew my mind. Most importantly, the flavors were delicious."

Victoria Cheng, Food Writer & TV Presenter

Beef jerky thats not too salty, too tough or too dry? Check, check, check! Plus the ability to control how much flavour I want my beef jerky to taste of via their shaker concept???? MIND BLOWN."

Cherie Wong, Managing director of Loudmouths Esports

Perfect texture, perfect taste. Having access to quality produce that not only provides convenience and amazing flavour selection, but also at a great price point - it's a foodies dream come through."

Barbara Latimer, Media personality, TV Presenter