Is our Shaker Jerky Halal?
Unfortunately, because we are still a small home-baker, we do not have the Halal certification. However, the meat we use is Halal certified. Additionally, all equipment and utensils used are dedicated to only making beef jerky for The Happy Moo.

I only want original flavour, but I can't seem to find it!
Every bag of Shaker Jerky contains our base-product which is original flavoured jerky- a recipe we worked on for months to perfect. Many of our customers like to eat it as it is and without our Shaker Jerky Seasoning! Try it original first!

No fat, no carbs, what about sodium content?
Jerky in general has a relatively high sodium content as the meat has to be cured. However, it still contains less sodium than the average bag of potato chips. Think of it as us a ham equivalent, but without any chemicals or additives.

Can I buy in bulk?
Yes you can! We've had people reaching out to us to buy in bulk and we have been doing so since the start. Email us at moo@thehappymoo.sg to make an enquiry now.

Where is our jerky made?
Our beef jerky is all hand-crafted in Singapore!