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THE HERD (3 x 100g)

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Why settle on one when you can have them all? And at a discount too!

THE HERD, which comprises of the 3 different flavours (Lemon Ponzu, Truffle, Mala), allows you to find that right fit for your tastebuds.

Each bag of beef jerky contains our Original flavoured beef jerky, and a sachet of our Shaker® seasoning.

Our Shaker® seasoning is a premium mix of natural herbs & spices flown from Japan! And yes, there's no MSG in it. 

It takes 230g of premium beef to make this 100g bag of heavenly beef jerky.

The hand-crafted artisanal beef jerky, which is all made in Singapore, is marinated for over 12hrs in a concoction of all-natural herbs & spices, then slow cooked to perfection.
Sprinkle our divine Shaker® seasoning onto the beef jerky to add a lil razzle-dazzle that will blow your mind!

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