About Us

The start of the Moo.

The Happy Moo was created when our founder, who is a serial snacker and almost a pure carnivore, craved for a healthy snack that didn't just have a bite to it, but also didn't compromise on flavours.

Imagine binging on Netflix at 2am and craving some savoury pieces of meat to chew on. Something that was guilt-free, unlike the usual potato chips. And more importantly, something that doesn't require you to wash, cook, and clean.
Yes. That is exactly what happened.

Having traveled the world, he also loves jerky, and that seemed like the best option! Running to 7-Eleven in the wee hours of the morning, he finally got hold of some beef jerky. To his dismay, it was nothing like what he had abroad! It was hard, plasticky, and after chewing for some time, even turned powdery. It was so processed it didn't even feel like real meat.

He then explored making his own, only to find that it was superior to the store-bought ones! Not only was it tender and meaty, it was addictive. But that didn't stop there- much like how he enjoys his truffle chips and mala crackers (you know, gotta match your snacks to your mood), he wanted variety in his beef jerky too.

It stayed like that for awhile. A happy dude, munching on his home-made beef jerky in Singapore...until the friends tried it. They finished his entire box. Not once, but every time they came over to visit.

A little sad at first because he had no more jerky left, he was soon enlightened to how his beef jerky could also make other people happy.
Thus, The Happy Moo was born.


Our brand

We are nothing like all the other beef jerky brands out there. Yes, beef jerky has always been labelled as a 'man's food' with its overly masculine packaging but no, we don't think it should be the case.

The Happy Moo is for everyone- men, women, children, or any other spectrum you identify yourself in like how some people say our cow looks like a pig. As long as you enjoy beef, this is for you.

Our beef jerky is all hand-crafted in Singapore. We use only the best ingredients and everything is made in small batches to ensure quality. It is a long cooking process, and we don't believe in cutting corners. So we do apologise if you have to make a pre-order and wait a little, but we only strive to deliver the best beef jerky in Singapore.